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How to stay safe when sharing the road with semi trucks.

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Sharing the road with semi tractor-trailers can be dangerous. To stay as safe as possible, it’s helpful to know some fundamental differences between large trucks and cars.

Here are three things everyone should know when sharing the road with semis.

1) Trucks take longer to stop than passenger vehicles

A fully loaded tractor-trailer can weigh more than 60,000 pounds. Bringing something that heavy to a stop takes time and distance. A semi going 55 miles an hour requires the length of a football to come to a stop. If the driver is speeding or distracted, it can take longer. Trucks are equipped with air brakes, which have lag time before the brakes engage.

Keep stopping distance in mind when sharing the road with trucks. If a truck is following you too closely, get out of its way.

2) Trucks have larger blind spots than cars. The blind spots on a truck include:

– The area directly in front of a truck.

– The areas on either side of a truck, especially the right side.

When you are driving in a truck’s blind spot, the driver can’t see you. As a result, you should avoid driving alongside trucks whenever possible. The driver may drift out of his lane and into you. When passing a truck, do not stay in the truck driver’s blind spot any longer than you have to.

3) Truck Drivers May Be Driving Drowsy

While state and federal regulations require truck drivers to take rest breaks to prevent driver fatigue, many drivers flout these rules. They are paid to deliver loads, and they only earn money when they are on the road.

Driver fatigue is another reason to give trucks a large berth. Drowsy drivers have slower reaction times and may not notice when traffic slows in front of you or a light changes.

If you or someone you love is injured in a truck accident

If you or someone you love is injured in a truck accident, it’s important to hire a lawyer who regularly handles truck accident cases. Trucks are subject to regulations that do not apply to passenger vehicles. Only an experienced truck accident lawyer has the experience to investigate semi-truck accidents and hold negligent drivers and their employers responsible.

Insurance Companies & Personal Injuries

You’ve been seriously injured. You are fighting for your life. An insurance company is fighting too: fighting to keep its money. They consider your injury as a business transaction. They don’t care that you’re hurt. They don’t care if you can’t work and have no source of income. They don’t care that you’re drowning in debt. They are hiring investigators, expert witnesses and attorneys to gut you and your claim while you lie there fighting for your life. Your top priority is to get your health back. That is as much as you can handle. So hire an attorney with a good reputation to get your case on equal footing with the insurance company while you recover. If you wait too late, you may lose hundreds of thousands of dollars that you would otherwise be entitled to. If you have any questions then please do not hesitate.

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What should you do after an auto accident?

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No one plans to be in a car accident, but it happens – thousands of times each year, in every state. Since these unfortunate events are so relatively common, it is important for everyone who drives to know what to do when one happens. That way, drivers will be prepared to handle whatever issues may arise afterwards.

A lot of incidents are minor enough that there is little to do beyond the communication at the scene, but sometimes accidents involve major injuries and a lot of expensive damage. Make sure you should know how to protect yourself after an auto accident.

First: The moments after

Before you move or attempt to survey the damage to the vehicle, it is important to center yourself and to take inventory of your own sensations. You also want to check on your passengers if you are able. Looking yourself over and doing an internal inventory to see if you are hurt is a good way to make sure you do not move and aggravate an injury if you do have one, and checking your passengers will help you to determine whether you need to call for medical attention.

Second: Surveying damage

If you are able to safely move the vehicle or exit it, getting it as far off the road as possible and checking the damage is the next thing to do. That will help you to understand what has happened, but it is something you should only do if you can safely exit the vehicle. When it is safe to do so, you should take the following steps:

Contact the authorities – this needs to be done quickly if you need medical attention, otherwise it is less urgent but still necessary.

Trade insurance information with the other driver, to be sure you both have everything you need to resolve the situation.
Give a police statement. This is important because it helps to document your narrative of the crash, and you can request a copy of the statement later if you need it for your records.

Take photographs if possible of the scene or ask a police officer to take them for you if you are unable to do so. Make sure the photographs are taken of the vehicles as well as the surrounding environment.

Get the names and contact information for any witnesses. Witnesses can help corroborate what happened.

Third: After the accident

Once you have received any necessary medical care on site and your vehicle is taken care of, there is still more to do to resolve the accident. The cause will need to be determined, and that will affect whose insurance has to pay for the expenses. Although you must report the accident, it is important you speak to a personal injury attorney before providing any recorded statements as these can potentially be used against you.

A qualified attorney can help you understand your rights to compensation to cover your medical bills and repair costs. If you have been in an accident recently, make sure you contact an attorney promptly to get the assistance you need.