Motorcycle Accidents

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Protecting Your Interests After A Motorcycle Accident

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you have interests that need to be protected. While motorcycle wrecks are often caused by the negligence of other drivers, it is the motorcyclist who suffers the serious injury. When it comes time to pay for damages, the insurance company of the other driver may look for ways to evade responsibility.

​At The Hawk Firm in Augusta, we prepare every motorcycle accident for trial, knowing that the other side will not be motivated to treat you fairly unless they know you are prepared and willing to try the case. For a free consultation concerning your motorcycle accident case, call 706-724-8537 to talk to a lawyer.

​Holding Careless Drivers Accountable

​In the aftermath of a motorcycle accident, the other driver may exclaim, “I didn’t see you!” While they may seem apologetic at first, their story can change when it comes time to pay the bill.

​The other driver and their insurance company may try to shift some of the blame to you. For this reason, it’s important to hire an experienced lawyer as soon as possible after the accident. Your lawyer can collect and preserve evidence of liability for possible trial.

​Here are few examples of the causes of motorcycle accidents:

  • Changing lanes without checking blind spots for a motorcycle
  • Taking a left-hand turn in front of a motorcycle
  • Making a right turn onto a roadway in front of a motorcycle
  • Rear-ending a motorcycle
  • Leaving debris on a roadway that would cause a motorcyclist to lose control

Attorney Jacque Hawk has obtained multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

​For More Information About Motorcycle Accidents

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