Legal Support for the Divorce Process

divorce lawyer Augusta GA The Hawk FirmNo one marries expecting to divorce. However, in some cases, divorce is the responsible decision for the emotional or physical well-being of one or both parties. When you and your spouse are in agreement regarding the pursuit of a divorce and the terms surrounding it, the division of assets and any necessary spousal support and/or child custody arrangements, it may be possible to move through the divorce process fairly quickly, as an uncontested divorce. However, if you and your spouse are unable to come to an agreement about the terms of your divorce, a divorce lawyer works on your behalf to complete the divorce process efficiently with your best interests in mind.

Pursuing a divorce can be an emotionally draining and overwhelming process. By retaining a divorce attorney, you will be taking the first step in ensuring that the divorce process is not only navigated accurately, but also efficiently. If you and your spouse cannot agree on certain issues like asset division, child custody or spousal support, a judge will make the final determination. A divorce attorney works on your behalf to protect your best interests throughout the divorce process.

The legal team at The Hawk Firm is experienced in representing individuals in the divorce process and in a trial environment. Many lawyers never prepare their cases for trial; however, at The Hawk Firm, every case is prepared for trial. When you choose our lawyers to represent you, you can know you’ll be well-represented throughout your divorce.

The Hawk Firm is an experienced team of trial lawyers, founded in 1984 by attorney Jacque D. Hawk. Today, Hawk and his associates remain committed to achieving results and are experienced in many areas of law, including divorce, child custody, child support, contempt, probate, criminal defense, drug possession, violent crimes, personal injury, car accident injury, and medical malpractice. To discuss your legal needs, call 706-724-8537 or fill out our online contact form. Located in downtown Augusta, we serve the greater Augusta, GA, metro area, including Evans, Martinez, Grovetown, and Hephzibah, and handle cases throughout Georgia. #hawklaw