Investigations & Suspects

If you think you may be a suspect and an investigator comes to speak with you, read this or simply print it off and hand it to them.

My lawyer has instructed me not to talk to anyone about my case or anything else, and not to answer questions or reply to accusations. On advice of counsel and on the grounds of my rights under the Fifth and Sixth Amendments, I shall talk to no one in the absence of counsel. I shall not give any consents or make any waivers of my legal rights. Any requests for information or for consent to conduct searches or seizures or investigations affecting my person, papers, property or effects should be addressed to my lawyer, whose name address and phone number are: The Hawk Firm. 448 Telfair Street Street. Augusta, Ga 30901. (706) 724-8537. I do not consent to any confrontations, tests, examinations or investigations.