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Why you should have a Last Will and Testament

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The start of a new year is a popular time to get organized. Don’t limit your organizational efforts to your closets – consider ways you can better organize your finances and legal responsibilities. It is never too early to have a last Will and Testament. Establishing a last Will and Testament protects your spouse, your children and your assets in the event that you die. Regardless of the value of your assets, a Will allows you to define:

  • How your estate will be distributed, including who will – and who won’t – receive an inheritance
  • Who will manage the affairs of your estate – known as the executor
  • Who will have custody of your minor children
  • What gifts or donations you’d like to give to specific organizations or causes

A legally sound last Will and Testament can streamline the probate process and minimize estate taxes. Having a Will also allows you to discuss the your intentions as listed in your Will with your immediate family while you are alive, so that no one is surprised by its contents when grief and emotions are running high.

Our attorneys can guide you through the process of writing a last Will and Testament, ensuring that, should you pass away, your family will have a clear understanding of next steps. The resulting peace of mind from this effort – for both you and your loved ones – is undeniable.

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