Probate Law

Guiding You Through The Georgia Probate Process


If you have been named as the administrator of a relative’s estate, it is a sign of how much trust that person placed in you. However, you may be concerned about what is involved in probate, how much time it will take, and whether you could be liable for mistakes.

​At The Hawk Firm in Augusta, we are here to guide you through the steps of Georgia probate so you can complete it expeditiously and economically, and meet all of the requirements of Georgia law. We also represent heirs who want a lawyer to protect their interests. Call 706-724-8537 to schedule a consultation.

​What Is Probate?

​Probate is the process of settling the estate of a deceased person. It includes several steps:

  • ​Submitting the will of the deceased person to the probate court
  • Completing an inventory of all of the assets the deceased person owned
  • Publishing legal notice of the proceeding
  • Paying legitimate bills the deceased person owed
  • Managing assets until they can be sold and/or distributed to those who are entitled to receive it according to the will
  • Paying final taxes owed by the deceased person

Our lawyers will guide you through each of the steps of probate. We are also here to defend you in any will contests or other probate litigation.

​Is Probate Required In Georgia?

Some assets, such as life insurance policies and IRA accounts, can be distributed directly to the persons who are entitled to receive them by beneficiary designation. If the deceased person planned his or her estate with a trust, probate may not be necessary.

​For More Information About Probate

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